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Trex Seclusions® Composite Fencing has a unique design. While most composite fence products are exactly like wood
panels, Trex Seclusions® has interlocking panels which are specifically designed to provide extra strength so that your fence
won’t bend or warp with time.
Trex Seclusions® also contains an aluminum insert in the bottom rail to maintain rigidity no matter what the circumstance. This makes Trex Seclusions® one of the strongest composite fencing products on the market. It is able to withstand sustained winds up to 110 mph and gusts up to 130. Trex Seclusions® provides all the security of a fence without any of the hassle.

 Trex Seclusions® Composite Fencing is available in three attractive colors.

saddle Trex Winchester Gray Trex Woodland Brown


 Winchester Gray

 Woodland Brown

 Trex Seclusions® composite fencing will weather naturally over time to its final color.

 Post Caps

 pyramid_cap  Trex Flat Post Cap

Pyramid Cap

Flat Cap